Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Revolt of the Masses

Steven Soderbergh films with his iPhone. It’s a simple sentence. The director is a noun. Film is the verb but it tells a story. Blair Witch Project (1999) and before that David Holtzman's Diary (1967) created the impression of extemporaneous filmmaking. Will your home movies earn an Oscar? Of course Facebook pulled the rug out. People's everyday lives were immortalized ad nauseam. The Revolt of the Masses was Ortega y Gasset's screed on the democratization of art. Now everyone has a platform. The Robert Brustein essay was “No More Masterpieces. It turned out to be prescient in another way. Digitalization creates pixels of data which are grains of sand. Yes you are heard but so is everybody else. Scenes From a Marriage? That’s me. Empathy is a fundamental element of art, but the reader of Chekhov may think, I could write that too. Possession and identification go hand in hand.  You don’t need to know how to paint the figure or write a sonnet. You take your iPhone 14, with its 5G capability, out of your pocket, push the button and create…what else but art?

and listen to "Boogaloo Down Broadway" by Johnny C

and watch the trailer for Erotomania which will be featured in the Nihilist Film Festival

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