Monday, October 9, 2023

You Can't Eradicate an Idea

The reaction of many to the events in Israel is to aver that Hamas should be wiped out. But you can't wipe out an idea. It's like Trump's base or what Hillary Clinton once termed "deplorables," aka the lumpenproletariat. What are you going to do, exterminate them? The idea of surgical removing that part of a populace which holds wrong-minded views is a form of genocide. Indeed what Hamas and Trump's base have in common is millenarianism and more deeply the painful dispossession that fuels the wish to destroy.Trump was right when he declared that he could shoot people on Fifth Avenue. The love for the former president is totally irrational. The Trumpocracy is a cult for whom Trump represents the Second Coming. Hamas like ISIS is not a political, but religious organization. For its followers Armageddon is not too great a price to pay for heaven on earth.

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