Monday, April 17, 2023

Will Donald Trump Find a Suitable Husband?

Between all the gangs protecting their turfs in prisons, there will undoubtedly be competition to find Donald Trump a husband. The question is not whether he’s guilty, rather what kind of facility he will be remanded too. There's the maximum security one in Clinton, but Trump has renounced his New York residency. Moreover, he will inevitably be convicted by orchestrating January 6th or for election interference in by the state of Georgia. Ostensibly since the Grand Jury comes out of Fulton Country, he might be spending time in one of that state’s penitentiary. It’s important to note that a penitentiary is, by definition, a place where criminals think about what they’ve done and pay penance to society. Trump will easily find a husband, but what about a hairdresser who will tend to his signature used car salesman coiffure? The only question is whether any of these suitors will sign a prenup? 

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