Thursday, April 20, 2023

How Large Was the Fox Dominion Settlement?

photo: George HH

How much is 787. 5 million dollars? For instance, Fox’s net worth is calculated at 16.44 billion as of April 18th.  My Pillow makes 300 million a year. Dominion ,which is privately held, approximately 17.5 million. The GNP of the US is 23. 39 trillion, while for El Salvador its 59.46 billion. China is 26.06 trillion, Russia, 4.678 trillion. Tesla’s gross profit for 2022 was 20.853 billion. Kepler 452-B is 1402 light years from earth. That’s 1402x186,000x365x60x60. 1.408 billion is the population of India. The population of Europe (as of 2018) is 764.4 million which is close to that Dominion settlement figure. So if every member of the EU contributed a dollar, they’d be able to pony up enough to pay Dominion. 232.9 billion is the figure for the project NYS budget in 2023 while project budget of NYC is 104 billion. The Dallas Cowboys, valued at 5.7 billion, is the most expensive sports team in the world. Bernard Arnault of LVMF is the richest man in the world with assets of approximately 226 billion. The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is 2717 feet. Human Brain supercomputer has a million microprocessors—which doesn’t seem much compared to the Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase who as the highest paid banker earned 28,313,787. Mars is 155 million miles away.

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