Friday, December 30, 2022

Would You Rather End Up as "Trash" or "Junk?"

photo: Fruggo

Have you mistakenly consecrated someone to “trash” who is merely “junk?” Sometimes it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chafe—and there are all those notes from your old friend Joe who's stuck in Estonia and needs you to wire the cash. If you’re lucky that will simply go directly to "junk," before you even have to think about throwing it in the "trash." But there are all the e mails from candidates. They're always in trouble and there’s only 1 day left—which is usually true. Sirius FM’s attempt to improve your playlist is a candidate for "trash" along with those promotions from Jet Blue, Optimum and Spectrum who all are desperate to help you with your  "plans"—while you wait hopelessly to for that e mail which is not "trash" or "junk," the e mail that's gold and will make a radical difference in your life. And then there is the missive full of things you don’t want to hear about yourself. How did they even get your e mail address? Now they've come out of the closet to inform you the great harm you've done? What to do with these emails. Throw them into “junk” or simply press "delete," which means they will immediately go into “trash?”

read "Ultimate Rejection" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

and listen to "Clean Up Woman" by Betty Wright

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