Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Will Cold Fusion Lead to Fission?

map (International Criminal Tribunal For the Former Yugoslavia)

Imagine a world where cold fusion becomes the source of energy. Would the greenhouse effect vanish? Would a democracy like the United States no longer be obliged to forge alliances with feudal and repressive petroleum producing states like Saudi Arabia? What would happen when fossil fuels no longer created wealth? Would Abu Dhabi's steel and glass towers became empty hulks? Would a new kind of isolationism prevail when the dream of Imperial Russia was no longer fueled by petrodollars? With unlimited access to cheap fuel literally every man woman and child would be born with a silver spoon in their mouths. What would be left to fight over? The answer to this last is obviously boundaries. But what would they be? If there is a death instinct, as Freud argued, then something will have to feed it. Independence can lead to war as well as peace, as the balkanization of the former Yugoslavia illustrates.

read "Pet Buddha" by Francis Levy, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

and listen to "Try a Little Tenderness" by The Commitments

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