Thursday, December 22, 2022

Trump and Newton's Third Law

Does Hamlet’s “How all occasions do inform against me” apply to Trump? The DOJ, the Fulton County prosecutor and the January 6 Committee have all leveled numerous charges about illegal conduct with regard to the 2020 elections. And then there are Trump’s tax returns and the sensitive documents secreted away at Mar-A-Lago. Trump is the first former president to be charged criminally. Newton’s Third Law states, “every action produces an equal and opposite reaction." Are all these probes adding oil to the fire? In classic horror film there's a creature who refuses to die and whose venomous attacks are fueled by all those who attempt to annihilate him or her. In fact, spears, arrows, axe-handles, exfoliants only stoke the flames. Under this theory a popular uprising, perhaps even worse than January 6th waits in the wings. The reality is Trump’s chief strategy is delay. The idea would be to hold everything off until the election. Trump gets reelected and the DOJ, FBI and a host of other government agencies are disbanded, resulting in the dropping of all charges. There's always a Darth Vader or Dark Force in a Manichean universe. That’s what makes for an epic film series like Star Wars, but that’s entertainment. 2024 will be for real.

read "Trumpty Dumpty's Great Fall" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

and listen to "Make America Great Again" by Pussy Riot

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