Monday, January 2, 2023

Obtuse Hypotenuse

Einstein 1921 (photo: Ferdinand Schmatzer)

"God" is a famous "semordnilap," a fact that agnostics and atheists revel in. A semordnilap differs from a palindrome in that the reversal produces a new word, "dog" and "god," versus "tot." "Semordilap" is an example of itself since spelled backwards it’s naturally "palindromes." How wonderful when the world fits together. Dark matter, dark energy, light traveling at 186,000 per second pi 3.414…the Pythagorean theorem that the square of two sides of a right triangle is the equivalent of the square of the hypotenuse and naturally Einstein’s famed Relativity equation. Why is Absolute Zero, zero degrees Kelvin -273.15C? Is it possible to see all these relations and conclude that nothing means anything and that the order of nature is not the result of a "dog?" The teleological or eschatological question is that of the first cause. If you say that the Big Bang created the universe as it’s known approximately 13.8 billion ago, what came before? Must one ultimately reconsider one’s view of time which, if it were actually warped, as Einstein said, might turn back on itself rather than parading forwards on a continuum where the shortest distance between two points is still a straight line? In this ether before time and space? Was there  consciousness? Could thought exist without subjectivity? "Desserts” and “stressed” is a famous "semordnilap."- “Civic,” and “madam” are oft-cited palindromes. Are these just coincidences? How does one account for all the cool little juxtapositions one finds in language and nature? One thing is certain when a parking space is available right in front of one’s destination, it’s not an example of either a "dog" or a "god" listening to your prayers.

read "Pet Buddha" by Francis Levy, Vol.1 Brooklyn

and watch the trailer for Erotomania

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