Wednesday, January 11, 2023

What If Former Presidents Held Onto the Nuclear Briefcase?

nuclear briefcase ( photo: MarcusBurns l977)

Now that classified documents have been found in Joe Biden’s office, pundits are having a field day trying to determine how many  constitute an actual crime. Donald Trump secreted away scores  including his private correspondence with Kim Jong-un. Democrats will inevitably argue that top secret documents are cheaper by the pound—or more guilty. But what if nothing is secret anymore? Nixon started the ball rolling by recording everything and too bad there weren’t cell phones during JFK’s time or he would certainly have sent his friends nude photos of Marilyn Monroe. But with Israeli spyware that can get inside any phone, what is there left to hide? But let’s talk about the "nuclear briefcase" or "nuclear football" that can unleash Armageddon. What if Trump had taken that to Mar-A-Lago? Or a better question is, how did it get down there? By Air Force One or another carrier like Delta, which flies regularly to Florida? Imagine a cabal of Secret Service agents waiting at PBI for a modest black bag to appear on the carousel? What if it didn't show up? What if it mistakenly got on a Russia flight to Sheremetyevo?  SCI, H bomb secrets—now that presidents can take everything anywhere, it will become more imperative than ever that they hold on to their luggage tags.

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