Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Please Complete This Survey About Your Recent Visit

German engineer surveying during WWI

Please complete this survey about your recent visit to Medical Associates. It will take 3 hours maximum and your answers will be electronically proctored to prevent cheating. Please note that the answers to this survey will not be read by anyone and will not have any effect on the care we provide.


Name (optional)


Sex: (please reply “non binary)


Please add further comments about the first two questions here:


The egg from which my DNA derives was in vitro fertilized. I was born on a social conferencing media. "Make it CRISPR" were what my father said when I was handed to him over Zoom. I am still not sure about my pronouns.



What time was your original appointment. Start with 12AM and enter a number up to ll:59PM. Draw a picture of a clock with three hands, one for hours and minutes and one which is supposed to swing faster for seconds. Be sure to make sure the second turns sixty times faster than the minute hand.


Now do this.


Please add any further comments:


“Excuse me. Hello, anyone there? I just realized that I won’t have time to finish this survey as I have yoga and then therapy. Shit! There never is any way to get heard. It’s like trying to interrupt Siri in the middle of one of her sentences.”


Was your doctor helpful in treating your problem. Please answer from 0  to 10 and don’t use fractions. We are not interested in hearing that your doctor was one sixteenth helpful. If they were one sixteenth helpful, please count that as 0. Anything over one half is one.


Read "Datafication Redux I" by Francis Levy, HuffPost


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