Thursday, September 9, 2021

Annals of Publishing: The Last New Yorker

Everything comes to an end. Rome, for example. Imagine the last edition of
 The New Yorker--which has got to happen. Sally Rooney's story, "Abnormal People," will deal with sad-masochistic sex among writers in an assisted living facility. There will be a long investigative piece by Ronan Farrow on how Mike Pompeo closed down the New York Public Library. Ezra Klein will offer his thoughts on "The Last Days of The New Yorker. Several pieces from the archive will celebrate the best of The New Yorker. Elizabeth Kolbert's piece about the extinction of the human species will be exhumed along with Jill Lepore’s "The New Babylonian Captivity" documenting the moving of The White House from Washington to a maxium security prison in an an undisclosed location. Bill McKibben on “The Sinking of Florida” and Adam Gopnik's “The Fate of Culture Without The New Yorker" will round out this section. "In Brief" reviews a previously unpublished Joyce Carol Oates novel about a tormented young woman growing up in Schenectady. The "Comment" will be a nostalgic reminiscence about The New Yorker from the regional director of the Internal Revenue Service. "The Talk of the Town" will include an interview with Frances Steloff, who ran the Gotham Book Mart before she died in 1989. "Shouts & Murmurs" will be a parody of the section entitled "What's So Funny?"

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