Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Infinity Train

It looks like mankind is going to be taking off for other planets a little earlier than expected. Nature has wreaked its vengeance at an unexpectedly speedy rate. If you felt badly about future generations bearing the brunt of the death of the ozone layer, while at the same time saying something dismissive like “they’ll figure it out,” then you may find yourself brought up short. Production is likely to be stepped up on those little biospheres that were going to transport generations to the planets circling a Kepler star (approximately 1200 light years from earth). There will be an almost biblical feeling to the departure of mankind from earth something in between Moses making the waters part as he lead the Jews from slavery to the promised land and Noah—except just taking two cows, two chickens and so forth will not be enough to generate the necessary DNA. Imagine New York's forest of office towers reduced to squats with those refusing to make the journey a little like recalcitrant anti- vaxers refusing the cure. These refuseniks will be left an almost feudal civilization ruled by warlords who live with prophetic texts generated by QAnon shamans. A second coming will be on the horizon for those who remain behind while the crew of modernity sets sail, with the stars their destination.

Read "Is Consciousness Immortal?" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

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