Friday, September 24, 2021

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Yankee Doodle (posted 12:14AM)

I have been trying to study the work of Martin Heidegger, which is supposed to be the mother of all phenomenology, but without much luck. I heard there's this business about "throwing," so I was timing my study period with the Yanks seasonal opener, but it didn’t help. When I was a sophomore I got a D on my SUZ paper (Sein und Zeit) and I got kicked out of Tau Epsilon for the semester, a stigma I've never recovered from. Now I’m overcompensating by reading Parfit's Reasons and Persons. What do you recommend?


Bail! Pull the cord dude and you’ll get your golden parachute, if you get my drift. You’re locked in a parochial world, man. Outside of your frat brothers in Tau Epsilon, who cares about Heidegger? You should repeat the mantra I have no time for being or time, much less both.

Mirabelle Dictu (1:15)

We recently had a discussion over dinner about the fact that there were more casualties in the Civil War than in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. But what do you mean by casualties? 



Call Me Ishmael (12:14)

There is evidence that the Copernican theory is wrong and therefore a heresy and that the earth is the center of the so-called solar system. The dude who is promoting this also believes the earth is square and that the Holocaust is a myth. Still, I like to consider myself open- minded enough to entertain the views of people I don’t necessarily agree with.


Dude, tolerance can be a beautiful thing. It can also mean extinction. If someone proposes a theory that you have no right to exist then you shouldn’t have any pangs of conscience when it comes to naysaying them. 

Feng Shui (2:15)

I don’t understand about the affair between Hannah Arendt and Marty Heidegger. It seemed to be over before it ever got off the ground.


I wasn’t surprised. And then she went on to write Eichman in Jerusalem where she coined her “banality of evil,” which turned out to be one of the top ten sound bytes on the West Side of Manhattan.

Derrida like Clone (2:30)

Can you imagine if she’d married him. Hannah Heidegger? 


Well if they were married today it would be Hannah Arendt Heidegger

Camus (2:15)

I want to talk about the Treaty of Westphalia (1648)


You know what you want, Camus, but do you know what you need.

Stage Director from Our Town (3:00)

Remember Tim Hardin, the folk rock singer from the 60’s who was a heroin addict? Remember “Reason to Believe?”


This is becoming an epistemic problem. Where do we start? How do we learn with the vast amount of knowledge that's available?

F.Scott (3:10)
In the dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning.

I’m calling it a night. I want to go to 4Chan to see some porn and plays some new games.

Beckett (3:15) I’ll go on.

Read "Why Big German Words Like Vergangenbangenheit Carry Weight" By Francis Levy, HuffPost

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