Thursday, September 2, 2021

An Open and Shut Case

Have you ever slammed a cabinet door after bumping your head? The door is not to blame, but you want to punish it. When someone head butts you it’s one thing but an inanimate object lacks intention. The only one you’re hurting is yourself, to the extent you may end up having to pay a carpenter to fix the door. Five out of six persons who get in your way are oblivious to you and sometimes themselves too. In this regard, they share the property of doors. That is the connotation of the word “knucklehead.” Caveat emptor, there are people who intentionally bump into you. Pickpockets make it seem like they're innocently colliding as you or they come through the subway turnstile. However, they’re using the opportunity to rifle through your pockets. It’s only after you’ve walked a few blocks and reach for your wallet, that you realize you’ve been had. "Doored" is  an expression that’s used by bikers who get sent flying. Though the act might not be intentional, from a legal point of view, the driver is liable.

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