Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Final Solution: White Heat

Have you noticed that you feel irritable and want to take out your feelings of discomfort on creatures smaller and more helpless than you—like ants? If you’re in solitary and it’s a rodent, you simply crush it, rather than let it thrive as you might if you’re were motivated by more halcyon or benevolent spirits. You kill and crush and destroy. It’s no wonder that the Big House is a violent place. Remember the scene in White Heat (1949) where Cagney learns his mother had died. Human beings don’t like being locked up, despite the internet of everything where even coffee pots are intelligent and you can shoot the shit with Alexa, your virtual assistant or old girlfriends like Simi or Zoom yourself into oblivion. Yes Zoom starts to become like talking to yourself in the mirror or one of those dreams where a burglar is stealing your stuff and you try to strike him and your punches do nothing. Zoom is like striking air and it does indeed generate lots of hot air in the one isolated little room from which it emanates. You’re told to accommodate and have patience and not be like those assholes who hope that they can just go about their business and “away go troubles down the drain,” as they used to do in the old Roto-Rooter commercial, but it's hard not to lose your temper. 

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