Thursday, May 7, 2020

Sperm Count: Real Sex

Real Sex was the name of an HBO series, but never has real sex, at least between strangers, created such a bad vibe. Sites like Chaturbate, now offering the services of unemployed lap dancers, are probably doing a land office business. However, Thy Neighbor’s Wife, the title of Gay Talese’s famous study of sexual infidelity, is definitely not on the table, either in fact, or as a permissible option, however bored one might be getting sheltering-in-place. Chekhov's three sisters dreamt of going to Moscow. Now Bangkok, is as slim an escape possibility as Siam once was in The King and I. How's one to maintain social distance in a massage parlor? Face masks are even more challenging than dental dams which became all the rage in the era when HIV rather than coronavirus was the great fear. Still when one thinks about it, there are still going to be those who ruled by passions, will not be able to follow the CDC guidelines, even with the stakes being so high. Let’s say an unhappily married woman falls for the now unemployed bartender who lives down the block. Will she sneak out from beside her snoring husband in the middle of the night, even with two children sleeping in the next room, to gratify her desires. Tune in next week. Leidenshaft is the German word for passion with its root “leiden” meaning suffering.

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