Monday, May 25, 2020

The Final Solution: Social Distancing Disorder

SDD is social distancing disorder and one of its symptoms is actually a form of ADD. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when people sit far apart from each other they grow bored, inattentive and sometimes fall asleep. Sometimes this is the result of the fact that you can’t hear what the other person is saying. In other instances, it derives from the disjunction between body and verbal language—a form of the old mind/body dilemma. You hear an idea, but there's no emotion connection to it. SDD is an attendant diagnosis to the well-known condition of TN, Therapeutic Narcolopsy which can affect either patients who fall asleep during sessions or practitioners whose the eyelids grow heavy because of the ennui of repetitive (and often boring) encounters. It must be stressed that human beings have an uncanny ability to imagine what their counterparts are going to say, particularly since most people repeat themselves and those who know and “love” them have already heard it all before. In fact, social distancing or not many people are self-involved by nature. In this regard they might as well be talking to themselves when they’re under the delusion they’re trying to communicate with others. Such conditions can make treatment protocols challenging for those who are considering inteventions to combat the onset of this condition.

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