Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Final Solution: The New Normal

What if things never get back to normal? What if the coronavirus has a resurge, which occurs before a vaccine is discovered and tested (as is currently predicted? Or what if by the time a vaccine is discovered a new strain breaks out which is even more deadly and virulent? Due to global warming and melting of the Arctic icecaps, there are floods which wipe out those coastal civilizations which haven't yet been eradicate due to tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes. Amidst all this, faults in the earth’s crust deepen causing major earthquakes. Social distancing no longer is a question. It’s essential for the survival of even the most renegade hyper individualist biker. Places of congregation like theaters and houses of worship themselves become museum pieces and the human race is reduced to living in self-enclosed pods, biospheres in which procreation is facilitated simply through the exchange of sperm and egg. Remember those times in the history of civilization when male offspring were prized? Now the reverse is true.  If you have a daughter, her child will populate your brood. If you have a son, no such luck. Eventually life as a biologic form becomes too difficult to maintain and consciousness is freed from the body to inhabit the blogisphere. Humans are suspended in an ether and live in a permanent state of virtual reality. Of course, this new normal will have everything that once comprised the old life. Romance will bloom with such intensity that would be lovers, in their moment of passion, forget that their corporeal essence has already been expended.

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