Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Final Solution: Your Traffic and Weather Reporter, Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow in Seattle (photograph: Paul Schultz)
Can you imagine what’s going to happen to a whole generation of outspoken newscasters once Trump lives up to his promise to change the libel laws. Let’s take MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. You’re likely to hear her covering weather and traffic on WINS, 1010 News. Imagine, her reporting an accident on the LIE.The only way she's now going to be able to get her point across is in slight modifications of the facts. For instance, if there's a major accident with an overturned vehicle and a pile up in the left lane, she's naturally going to report A MAJOR ACCIDENT ON THE RIGHT. A storm might be coming in from the Great Lakes, but is she going to tell viewers to look to the Left for the source of the trouble? Hell no, she’ll simply point out a disturbance on THE RIGHT. Who cares where a low pressure system is? The net effect is the same, clouds and rain. So she might as well place the blame where it really will serve her purpose. In this sense Trump will have won the battle and lost the war. He’ll have removed commentators like Maddow who are critical of his administration, but all our arteries will be clogged. The politically motivated tie-ups on the  George Washington Bridge will look like a picnic when a whole generation of disenfranchised left wing pundits set things right.

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