Monday, November 14, 2016

Arbeit Macht Frei

A Gated Community? (photograph of Dachau, Dorsm365)
Folks we’re going to build a wall and the Jews are going to love it. It’ll just be like a country club, exclusive, only for them and they’ll have everything they like right there,  their golf clubs, a stock market all their own and all the moneylenders that money can buy. It’ll be just like a condo except that’s where all our Jewish friends are going to be put, for their sake and ours and, by the way, they'll love it since they’re not going to get beaten up or be accused of anything and they’ll get to ride around everywhere in the little carts. They’ll run they’re own business where they can take advantage of each other and they’ll gladly pay for it. and we know who they are hubby hubba. Say no more. And they’ll have their own little government where their liberal minded representatives are married to Muslims and sext young girls all they like as long as they stay where they belong. We’re going to drain the sewers. I know more than anyone does, oh where was I, yeah I was going to make us number #1 again folks and get rid of all the rapists and drug dealers. Mexico will be a memory by the way folks. It’s going to  be really great and you know by the time we’re done everyone is going to have their own private condo development, so exclusive that once you’re in you’re never  coming out. I’m turning Guantanamo into condos folks; each of the inmates is going to want to buy their own cage. Folks there’s going to be a stampede at Guantanamo once we start construction and by the way we’ll have surf and waterboarding, cement shoes and whatever you need to facilitate conversation and folks we’re going to get the residents of that development to talk. Believe me, we’re not going to take no for an answer. That’s what we do with all our inmates or citizens or whatever you want to call them. We hand them their heads on a platter and make them an offer than can’t refuse.

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