Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Final Solution: Bring Back the Camps

Camp David (White House Photo Office)
Remember camp Chipewa? It was so much fun. Well, first of all we’re going to send all those bad guys to these camps with Indian names. Maybe Pocahontas can help us here. They won’t be such nice camps, but your other Muslims and Jews are going to be put in camps for their own protection and folks they’re gonna love them.  It’s gonna be just like camp. They’ll come equipped with mosques and synagogues and everything you want including trampolines and golf and they’ll be plenty of caddies for the traditionalists who don’t like the carts and everyone is going to have dinner together in the cafeteria and they’ll be food fights and our counselors Reince and Steve will be like good cop bad cop. I want to tell the demonstrators they have nothing to fear. We’re going to bring everyone together under the big top, the counselors, the campers and folks you won’t believe what I saw in the girls bunks. I can walk in and out since I’m running the whole shebang and I got to see all these naked girls which are one of the many sites of interest in our beautiful land. There are some other folks who are going to be placed in health clubs for their own protection and benefit and we’re gonna take care of everything. Everyone will have their own card which lets them into the club and all the people with the preexisting conditions and the kids who have lived at home will be able to work out to their hearts’ content. And folks we’re gonna need people to build all these clubs and bungalows so everyone is going to have job and all these communities will have walls. I’m in the construction business so this is no problem. You’ll either have walls or barbed wire fences, but everyone will be safe and once we’re done no one is going to break in or get away. I have heard some terrible stories about people trying eradicate others. This is very sad. Read my lips.We don't like genocide and we're not going to tolerate it. Genocide is very bad.

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