Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Final Solution: A Thanksgiving Message (or Ain't Too Proud To Hate)

A friend writes, I have been thinking about your recent posts and I have to say I agree about Republicans. I can’t look them in the eye, any of ‘em, but especially those who voted for Trump. I have always considered myself a fairly rigid and closed minded person who really isn’t interested in anything but myself and in particular that part of the anatomy which most men hold onto most tenaciously. However, I have noted I am even more rigid and closed-minded lately. I have never liked whining liberals, petitions, any demonstrators who adversely affect alternate side of the street parking (and especially those who are on the verge of becoming a lynch mob) and so on. However, I'm becoming more closed-minded and rigid, if that's possible. Republicans to me used to be simply Republicans and a Republican porn star was just as attractive as a Democratic leaning one (you know what direction we are talking about), but now I can’t watch the videos of porn stars who have supported Trump (a larger number than we predicted). The divide is too big. In all seriousness I couldn’t even butt fuck a Trump supporter. That is how bad it’s gotten for me. Love, your self-centered self righteous yes wishy washy liberal friend.”

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