Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pornosophy: A Baker Whose Behavior Takes the Cake

erotic cake from Isabella’s Creations
The headline read “Colorado Court Rules Against Baker Who Refused to Serve Same-Sex Couples,” (NYT, 8/13/15) According to the Times, the case revolved around the idea that “a baker could not cite religious beliefs in refusing to make wedding cakes for same sex-couples.” The case itself opens many esoteric questions both about law and baking. For instance, how would the same baker have felt about tarts? And would he have been further motivated if the potential tart eaters who might also be same-sex couples swore under oath that they had no intention of getting married, but were simply having a good time? If you Google Erotic Bakery, NYC, you will come to a baker who advertises “penis cakes, vagina cakes and more.” But even though the Colorado case may have opened up some doors, same-sex couples might be a little trigger shy. What if you decide you want a good old fashioned chocolate layer penis cake with the inscription “Bob and Tom, to Honor and Obey.” Is it possible that your local erotic baker is a fundamentalist Christian and that you will have to file a legal suit to get your cake delivered on time for the festivity? Remember those delicious vagina cakes grandma used to make? What if Virginia and Alice order one with a banana cream topping and the inscription “till death do you part.” Will they need to get a court order to release their cake, if your baker is a member of some religious order that disapproves of same sex marriage? If you get the court order and the inscription has dripped all over the place and is practically indecipherable by the time, it finally arrives, do you have a right to sue or the very least to get a refund? Yes the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, but there is always going to be a baker, butcher or candlestick maker, whose behavior takes the cake.

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