Monday, September 7, 2015

Marshal Trump

Marshal Tito
Donald Trump is married to the Slovenian born model, Melania Knauss. Before Marla Maples, his wife was Ivana Zelnickova with whom he had a daughter Ivanka--also a model. Melania and Ivanka, who are both campaigning for him, are giving such an Eastern European flavor to the campaign that one wonders if "The Donald," the name coined by Ivana will not soon be changed to Marshal Trump, after the famed Yugoslavian dictator. Can’t you imagine Trump with his signature blow dried hairdo in a uniform produced by the security services of one of the hotels, with a chest full of medals just like Tito used to sport. The former billionaire mayor of NY had no use for the beaten down Gracie Mansion and it’s really unlikely that Trump would live want to live in the rambling old White House. He’ll simply create a big shiny tower called the Trump White House maybe with a post-modernist footnote to its predecessor in the form of a column or two around the entrance. At the very least Trump will build a penthouse annex to the White House, which is something Tito, who had many grand residences around his country, might have done. In any case, the Trump White House will just be one of his many palaces. Like Tito, Trump would make a great benevolent despot. Sure he wouldn’t know much about the constitution. He wouldn't have to bother, when he could hire people to look into it. But perhaps he would issue a fiat ending the war between the Republicans and Democrats, much in the way that Tito brought together Bosnians and Serbs who all lived together in harmony—until their Leader died and all hell broke loose.

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