Friday, May 10, 2024

No User Name or Password?

Imagine being in some far off space/time coordinate, so quantumly entangled, that you lose your galactic user name and password. At first every thing is hunky dory. You enter your old password then a new one that you're asked to confirm. Back on earth that was simple, but now you're being rejected as you travel towards the Big Dipper. If only these services had someone you could speak to. The problem is, the area code is hard to find when you're traveling around some Kepler star 1200 light years from earth and these hotlines keep you waiting for eternity. Our team is very eager to answer your call. Please stay on the line, a representative will be with you  shortly. What does shortly mean?  Depends whether your traveling slower or faster than the speed of light. As you know time goes slower the faster you travel. In fact if you go fast enough you'll find yourself back in a time where there will be no use for a user name and the natives don't even know how to create fire. Is that what you want? Obviously you'd better find that old user name otherwise you'll end up in shit creek.

and listen to "Please Don't Fuck Me In the Ass Tonight" by Karen McCoy

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