Tuesday, May 14, 2024


illustration of Dante's 18th Canto by Stradanus

Virgil lead Dante but now of course he's dead so you have to look for someone else if you need a cicerone. But what are the rules pertaining to the afterlife? Can travelers earn rewards points and move from say the eighth circle Malebolge or even the ninth, Treachery to the first Limbo. That, of course, would be a stretch. Also what about predestination? Do the precepts io The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism pertain in hell? Perhaps that's, in fact, what makes the Inferno different from Pugatory or Paradise. Once you cross the Acheron you ain't going anywhere. Remember The Friends of Distinction, "You Got Me Going in Circles/ Round and Around I go." Supposedly the song was about love, but the truth was it was hell. Google Maps comes into play. If you have the right app, it'll save your life.

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and listen to "You've Got Me Going in Circles" by The Friends of Distinction

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