Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Have you ever met someone with an almost gluttonous desire to live? Someone who steamrolls and is not afraid of who is getting runover along the way? Malignity is not the right word since it is not as if there were some sort of ad hoc attack at work. Parsimony and unadultered selfishness might explain the motive along with a kind of aggressive hoarding and entitlement. The Beale sisters in Albert and David Maysles Grey Gardens (1975)  are looked at as curiosities, as are the aristocrats in La Grand Bouffe (1970) and the figure who is force fed, like a goose who's liver will some day be fois gras, in David Fincher's Seven (1995). However, these are not exceptions. You may have read the articles about the aging parents whose medical and living expenses bankrupt their children. Appetite is an equal opportunity employer and those who are hungry will devour with the biblical force of Jonah's whale.

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and listen to "Shake Me, Wake Me When It's Over" by the Four Tops

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