Thursday, May 16, 2024

Joseph Welch

Joseph Welch being questioned by Joseph McCarthy

Joseph Welch, the lawyer for the Army, finally brought down Joseph McCarthy. Et tu, Brut? Trump famously claimed he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody. Maybe Fifth Avenue in Moscow (yes there is a Moscow, Idaho!). You keep waiting for the ultimate act of hubris that will be the water that makes this wicked witch melt. What would Trump be called in the world of Oz? He acts like The Wizard with all his puffery, but he's really The Tin, or, to invoke Eliot, Hollow Man. Trump and Biden have agreed to two debates. The first is scheduled for June 27 on CNN. The second will be hosted on ABC. 80 million viewers watched Chris Wallace preside back in 2020. No "Access Hollywood" style tape or episode in a Bergdorf dressing room will do the trick. Putin has been threatening tactical nuclear weapons.Trump is so popular he probably could get away with using one against the liberal news media, the DOJ, Jack Smith and Judge Juan Marchan's daughter. He's so popular he could easily employ his Goebbels, Steve Bannon, to wage a propaganda war against anyone who talked back to him. He could put reporters like Jim Acosta in concentration camps (linens courtesy My Pillow's Mike Lindell). Trump is so popular he could build huge ovens in which he could cook the Democratic party's goose, but someday he has got to slip. It might be only over a banana peel, but he's going to fall hard, right on his red MAGA capped head.

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