Monday, June 5, 2023

The Odds Against YOU!

Improbability turns out to be be in the realm of possibility. For example take yourself. Out of all swimming sperms cells and eggs, you come into being, though the odds against you. The male ejaculates between 2-5ml and in each ml is approximately 100 million sperm. If someone had bet on you in Las Vegas, they would have walked away with a bundle. It's a real "long shot" in both senses of the word. Of course, it’s a conundrum to the extent it’s hard to put your chips down on an imaginary number which may or may not exist, conception itself defining the cut-off. The earth is another anomaly. After the Big Bang 13.2 million years ago, Bosons, the most elementary particles of matter, accompanied the expansion of the universe aided and abetted by the force of Dark Energy. What were the chances that life as we know it would come into existence? What are the odds it will be found on planets surrounding Kepler stars (where carbon has been detected), 1200 light years from earth?

read "Francis Levy's Divine Comedy," Exquisite Corpse

and listen to "Hitchhike" by Marvin Gaye

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