Thursday, June 29, 2023

Are You a Robot?

So you insert the correct User Name and Password but then you’re asked if you’re a robot to which any robot could be trained to answer "no" and after jumping that hurdle you have to say which square has telephone wires, dogs, buses or motorcycles. This scenic part of your journey can easily backfire so Caveat Emptor! The way so many sites deal with those who would like to get on is to reject prospective clientele even when the correct answer is given. It’s a test of perseverance, if nothing else. But the point is you’re not going to get to the site for PSEG unless you’re willing to face rejection. Some sites are even like Studio 54 to the extent that figuratively they have a velvet rope and digital bouncer blocking the entranceway. You may have encountered those who are alternately exuberant or downcast as a result of their luck in getting onto Verizon or Pay Pal. Then there are the desperate ones who refuse to give up and will sell their souls to a dotcom.  

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