Thursday, June 8, 2023

Secrets and Lies

Everybody maintains a secret they will take with them to the grave--that they are the exception who will live forever. And no matter how modest their talents or achievements, they all maintain the grandiose wish they will attain greatness even if there are only a few seconds left in which to perform the deed. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they have come to terms with their mortality unless they are suicidal and require medication. In The Myth of Sisyphus Camus says the only philosophical question that matters is suicide. It’s a nice iteration that hits you right between the eyes. Does that mean deontologists, utilitarians and phenomenologists have been wasting their time? Would suicide in fact be a word that Husserl bracketed the way fact checkers find untruths in political speech? Watch a water bug, ant or fly scampering away as you seek to kill it and you’ll understand that the only philosophical question that matters is life!

read "Pet Buddha" by Francis Levy, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

and listen to "Band of Gold" by Freda Payne

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