Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Ron Desantis

Veritas is famously the motto of Harvard. Jeffrey Clark is a Harvard grad, along with Elise Stefanik. Ron DeSantis is a Harvard Law grad. However, one is beginning to surmise that graduates of the august institution whose credential carries such weight don’t need to live up to the meaning of its by word. George Conway is also a Harvard graduate. An old-style conservative who was one of the founders of The Federalist Society and a long-time critic of his wife, Kellyanne’s, former boss, he's more like it. You usually think of Camelot when Harvard comes to mind.The Kennedys, Schlesinger, Daniel Patrick Moynihan are the greats of American politics. But Harvard’s admissions policy has changed. No idealists need apply. You want to be a realpolitician--and be sure to mention Kissinger in your essay. Remember also that JFK, who bathed in Harvard entitlements, was behind the doomed Bay of Pigs. If you’re looking for truth, you probably should enroll at Yale which adds a little Lux to its Veritas, though watch out for Ted Cruz. The fact is that Harvard and Yale are naturally selective. The kind of students who get in, participate in another kind of #MeToo in which they put themselves first.

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