Monday, August 15, 2022


There were two harrowing incidents over the past week, the attack on Salman Rushdie at Chautauqua and the shooting at the FBI office in Cincinnati following the raid on Mar-A-Lago.This latter is ominous due to the threat of another January 6 style insurrection. How many armed militias are organizing in the dark net where both QAnon and the Comet Pizza child molesters lurk? If such imagination could be harnessed America might become a nation of Samuel R. Delanys rather than "base" Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and other Hardy Boy mutants? Would that this were all some cosmic joke provoking only witty locutions! It’s like nuclear power. There are consequences to all the waste it generates. Oh to disappear into one of the sinkholes engendered by the potash oligarch Rybolovlev--whose daughter Ekaterina notoriously became the proud owner of Sandy Weill’s 15 Central Park West Penthouse for a cool $88 million! BTW, the battered bowler worn by Oddjob in Goldfinger was valued on Antiques Roadshow at 30,000 pounds. One day there will be a retirement home for lethal images with Lotte Lenya’s spike joining WMDs and weapons of real world assassins in some yard sale in a blue state like Vermont. 

read "MAGA and the Coronavirus" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

and listen to "Rock the Casbah"by The Clash.

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