Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Strange Bedfellows or Fellow Travelers?

magazine of The Communist International 

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently tweeted, “defund the FBI.” Finally, here’s an issue the right wing of the Republican and the left wing of the Democratic parties can agree on. Talk about aisle crossing. Could this be the beginning of a coalition between AOC and MTG? Would that there were an acronym to facilitate such a bipartisan effort. Similarly Retrumplicans and Deconstructionists both believe truth is culturally bound. You have to really lower the bar, but once you’re in hell you’re going to find agreement between extremes. Surely Jim Jordan and Ron Johnson can find common ground with Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders—as they take their seats on the boat crossing the Acheron. It all seems like a cosmic joke but it’s like the abortion rights people and libertarians in Kansas or the anti-pornography feminists and the religious right. Remember Venn diagrams? Sometimes there's just a tiny overlap between what'd contained in each circle. The Communist International was characterized by fellow travelers who carried the message, but history can sometimes create strange bedfellows. Caveat emptor! You don’t want to sleep next to someone who snores unless they have something you want.

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and listen to "Love On a two Way Street" by The Moments

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