Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Return of the Jedi?

Alex Jones is ordered to pay almost $50 million to Sandy Hook parents. For the first time in history, the residence of a former president is raided by the FBI. What's next? Has Odysseus in the form of Merrick Garland finally launched an arrow into the eye of Polyphemus? Through two impeachments and a stalwart base (aka Dark Force) who would tolerate their hero murdering someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Democrats have waited to bring down the current anti-Christ, the Villainous Lex Luther of American politics, a mutant that’s the product of reality television. Simple water was the Wicked Witch's kryptonite. Will it be the Fulton County Prosecutor, Fanny T. Willis, the chairwoman of the January 6 commission, Liz Cheney, Cassidy Hutchinson, Pat Cipollone, Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short or his legal counsel, Greg Jacob? Mussolini ruled for 21 years, Hitler 12, Stalin, 30, Darth Vader, 20.The former president was sighted leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan as flashing police lights surrounded his Palm Beach residence. Will tomorrow simply be another day on the course in Bedminster, before a triumphant return to the Melrumpia in Palm Beach? One thing is certain. History was being made, last night, one way or the other, as it always is, but unlike Darth Vader, Trump runs no danger of redemption.

read "God Bless Pig Latin America" by Francis Levy The East Hampton Star

and watch the trailer for Erotomania

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