Monday, March 14, 2022

Rome Journal: 1939

map: Jaro.p

There are comparisons between Europe in l939 and the present. Then it was the Sudetenland that was threatened. Now it’s Ukraine--which has not been an easy power grab. Hitler and Putin are both equal opportunity employers unburdened by higher ideals in their search for power. The bombing of the Zaporizhzhia reactor, the largest in Europe, augurs a strategy of unleashing radiation as a weapon, as the Russians have done on a smaller scale through the use of radioactive poisons on defectors (polonium-210 induced radiation syndrome was what killed former FSB and KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in 2006). Now once again the threat of a World War hangs over Europe.When you enter a country like Italy, still reeling from the deadly effects of a pandemic that’s killed millions, you begin to experience the ruins of the past in another light. Alaric, the Visigoth plundered Rome in 410. Are the ruins which have always been a source of amazement and delight to bands of tourists a harbinger of the future?

Read "States of Mind" by Francis Levy, TheScreamingPope

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