Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Profiles in Courage

Actors usually submit headshots. But, for instance, Kim Kardashian and J. Lo are both known for their behinds, though it’s unlikely they got where they are by sending butt shots to casting directors. You undoubtedly have heard of actors or actresses who made their reputations in porn, but went on to greater things. Jeff Koons' former wife, La Cicciolina, was a porn star who became a prominent politician and eventually member of the Italian Parliament. Porn like an expanding business, constantly needing to expand its boundaries, has now moved from the pretty or handsome face to other appendages such as the proboscis. Yes there are actors who are making their way in the world of asses (and the specialty of face sitting) who may one day play Mary or even James Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Perhaps they'll more fittingly star in sci fi epics with names like Black Hole. Method acting is what porn stars employ and there have been many figures in X-rated films whose talents have been passed over by directors of main stream cinema. Johnny Holmes aka Johnny Wadd famously had a exceptionally large penis. Could that have qualified him for many roles? Holmes was definitely a heavy hitter. What about say the torrid sex life of the author of Profiles in Courage? Holmes would have been a natural for a portrayal of life in Camelot.

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