Thursday, March 24, 2022

Prisoner's Dilemma

Have you ever blown your top at someone only to have them come right back at you? Perhaps a car has impatiently worked its way into the crosswalk as the light turns yellow. You give the driver the finger, thinking they will speed away only they pull to the side. You’re in a stand-off and feel nervous. You might even be in good shape, but what do you do? The options are you get hurt or go to the station house. Of course, there's the third alternative you walk away with your tail between your legs, either apologizing or just hoping the offended party will go away. Stand-offs are interesting. Unless you’re ready to threaten or act on a threat, you may often find yourself negotiating this middle ground; it can be embarrassing since after a big show of bravado you're instantaneously silenced. Putin is the schoolyard bully who everyone is afraid to stand up to, but think back. What did you do when someone else was getting picked on by a tough guy? Did you turn your back on the situation, figuring, you were going to be in the same kind of face down, if you played the hero and interfered. It happens every day on the subway, where violence is constantly mounting. Good Samaritans are almost intimidating.They're a hard act to follow. Will you be like the business man from New Jersey who jumped on the tracks with an oncoming train’s lights coming--to save someone who'd fallen? Or will you judge that you're too afraid? When someone you love is drowning, will you dive into turbulent waters, risking your life to save them? Let’s say you tried to stop the bully from intimidating one of your classmates? Wouldn’t he come after you next?

Read "Rome Journal: The Russians Are Coming" by Francis Levy, TheScreamingPope

and listen to "Police State" by Pussy Riot

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