Thursday, July 1, 2021

Passion Play

 Jesus and John at Oberamergau 

Why is it that sometimes it feels as if your wheels are greased and others as if you had cement shoes? There are those who associate effortlessness with inevitability or necessity. Speed bumps or impediments become reasons to abandon the ship or vehicle. But there's an art to negotiating adverse conditions, in having the patience to figure one’s way around impediments or obstacles. It can even be said goals which are harder to reach end up being more prized and valued. You might not value the plug that fits easily into the jug on the first go round simply because there's been no figurative hoop to jump. Is this a more complicated way of stating the old “no pain, no gain,” maxim. Partly. and it can be equated to love. There are those who fall into each other’s arms so easily that the relationship seems preordained. Passion is the guiding force, but then when great waves of lust recede such lovers may feel like strangers who have little in common still less to talk about. Romantic classics like A Man and A Women follow a classic formula, but in real time, the routine of everyday life will inevitably play a role. Sometimes it’s the couple that has to work to understand each other and whose appetites are not whet with grand gestures that end up building the most long-lasting relationships. Slow and steady wins the race is another obvious maxim which may apply to those whose emotions play out in fits and starts.

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