Monday, July 5, 2021

Coming in From the Cold

Why do people flock to hot sunny climes? Yes, cities like Chicago and New York are cold in the winter, but do you really want to be exposed to the light of day, particularly when it takes the form of a blazing sun which is hard to escape? Let’s say you travel to one of these Caribbean paradises subliminally seeking euphoria. Chances are you’re going to be disappointed. If it’s a French island like Guadalupe, you'll find yourself on beaches filled with beautiful topless, even totally naked women who are likely to be as much a distraction to heterosexual men as they are to their increasingly irritated wives who have to contend with their husband's inevitable neck problems. Surgeons often do a land office business in the early spring, as they attempt to repair the damage caused by heads which have been made to turn too much. These destinations are in fact paradises, but so was the Garden of Eden, where temptation brought about the Adamic fall--for which humankind has been suffering ever since. So what’s the bottom line? Get a warm coat and enjoy those gray February days when you can look forward to coming in from the cold to sit by the flames of a roaring fire. You'll be in good company with George Smiley.

Read "The Seven Ages of One Man" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

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