Tuesday, April 13, 2021

W.D. Hamilton on Donald J. Trump

Epigenetics is what might be called a post-modermist approach to genetics, which doesn't change a genetic code, but modifies the way a gene acts. Environment can have an epigenetic impact—a finding that has enormous implications in the world of developmental psychology. Ultimately, it turns out, talk therapy may have a biological effect on the patient. CRISPR or “clustered integrated short palindromic repeats” is one of the methodologies used in gene therapy. The question is, can the science of epigenetics permanently introduce an altruistic element in the 73 million members of Trump’s base? The sociobiologist W.D. Hamilton even created a rule which he expressed in the following equation: C < r x B, where the cost to the recipient is less than relatedness times fitness. In short, the idea is that altruistic behavior is naturally selective. If the Trumps want to create a dynasty they will have to suppress their own selfish desires. The only problem is that selfishness is the family brand and what makes Retrumplicanism so popular. For the genetic material to prevail, the Trumps would have to stop being who they are.

Read "Dream Hoarders" by Francis Levy, Huffington Post

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