Friday, April 23, 2021

The Prophet

You may have entertained the biblical notion of seven fat and seven lean cows from Pharaoh’s dream. Hopefully, you’re in the fertile period, but when there’s a drought in love or work, you inhabit the seven fallow years. The trouble is that 7+7=14. If you're beginning the 7 fallow years at a certain age, it might not be until Charon pulls up that you discover your "out of cow" experience is hell. At what point do the N.I.H. and the CDC declare it’s no longer necessary to save up for a rainy day and expend the remaining grain  left in your silo? When you’re an adolescent, you might palliate your longings by reading tomes like Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha or even Goethe’s The Sufferings of Young Werther—which address the longing of the aspirational personality. You will undoubtedly have many painful disappointments particularly in the area of love, but as you wander some deserted urban metropolis on a hot August night in the middle of your romantic agony, you’re still subliminally aware your whole life's ahead. As the years go by, however, you become like a fighter in the later part of a 15-round bout, who finds it increasingly hard to get up after they’ve taken a fall. Carpe diem, "sieze the day!"

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