Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Uncertainty Principle

How matter-of-a-fact are you? If a storefront is shuttered, is it simply about taking off the boards? Will the old bookstore, or cell phone dealer return? Will something new take its place? It’s actually a quantum problem. Can an existence be shifted in space/time and retain its original identity? Some take an almost Newtonian view of reality, in which empty space is simply filled furnished with people and objects. For others, a shift like the one many people are experiencing in the wake of the pandemic ultimately changes the nature and position of matter and substance, creating what is essentially a paradigm shift and ultimately an altenative reality. Can one take up where one has left off? Ask any divorced couple who are remarried again? The epigenetic view might have it that the DNA of an organism is altered by environmental induced changes. “Normalcy” is the word that’s often invoked when describing the state to which the inhabitants of the earth seek to return, in the aftermath of a crisis of singularly global dimensions. Actually, the pandemic is good practice for what might happen if earth was hit by an asteroid which produced the equivalent of a new ice age. Say the United States reaches herd immunity sometime during the summer, it will be unlikely that the deserted office towers will automatically fill up to meet increased demand for products. Even if something like this is a surface manifestation, subliminally the underpinnings of reality may turn out to be inalterably changed. Will Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle be humanity's guiding star?

Read "The Days the Earth Stands Still" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

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