Friday, April 16, 2021

Dear Ethicist: Unsung Genius

Dear Ethicist: I have been waiting around for recognition, without luck as yet. Other people get their names in lights who aren’t as good me. I don’t know why. It’s not fair. All these years I have been doing the solitary work I hope would get my genius realized. Silence is the only response I receive. The cosmos is yawning as I scream and wave my hands for attention. Feeling my situation is hopeless, I have dreamt up some desperate attempts to get attention. The first is to order 12 rotisserie chickens from my local Food Emporium and have them delivered to one of these arbiters of taste who reject me. Another is inspired by the Spanish surrealist director Luis Bunuel. I attend a conference and put Crazy Glue on the seats in the auditorium where all the events are held. When the attendees get up, they'll find that they're stuck, at which point I will pull the fire alarm. Naturally, all those in my field who have been ignoring me, will rip their pants in a particularly embarrassing place, the seat. By the seat of their pants. Get it? There will be alarums and I will jump for joy watching the whole chaotic scene on the monitor of the security system.

Unhung Genius



Dear Unhung Genius: You had me up until you sent the chickens. I know you’re just trying to call attention to yourself by being annoying and provocative, but it’s a lame move, particularly if the recipient of your “largesse” is a chicken lover. Exterminating Angels (1962) is one of my favorite Bunuel films, but you have to realize that people don’t like being the butt of a joke. Take an elevator to a high floor of the building in which the conference is being held and drop balloons filled with water on the heads of those who've ignored you is a more effective way of demonstrating your frustration.

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