Wednesday, November 11, 2020


There were cries of jubilation and the sound of pots being beaten, as Wolf Blitzer announced Joe Biden was 46thpresident of the United States. It was a little like the ticker tape parades that go down Lower Fifth Avenue when the Yankees win a series or perhaps even VE Day. In our era of COVID there certainly isn’t the equivalent of the iconic picture of the sailor and an itinerant woman throwing their arms around each other. But it was a change from the angry Trump demonstrations in front of the counting center in Maricopa Country . Now there was pure untampered joy that brought people with sometimes opposing viewpoints together. Everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop. When would the Trump caravans start retaliating by slowing down traffic on the Garden State Parkway again? When would Trump begin the pushback that eventually occurred. However for now, the networks (including Fox) calling the race in unison, seemed to break the yoke of a demonic and malevolent force. Would that Wolf Blitzer could have poured water on the Wicked Witch forcing her to evaporate into thin air. Hopefully, the aftermath won't be like one of those horror movies where zombies emerge from the graveyard to reek terror in their neighborhoods.

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