Monday, November 2, 2020

Holocaust and Coronavirus Denial

The British author David Irving is one of the best-known Holocaust deniers. Apparently, his views evolved from claiming Hitler didn’t know about the extermination of Jews to the fact that the Holocaust itself never happened. Unfortunately, the president is now waving the banner for another kind of denial, i.e. about the seriousness of the coronavirus and the fact that it’s spreading. “Trump’s Closing Argument on Virus, Clashes With Science and Voters’ Lives," NYT 10/28/20) “With the fake news everything is Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid,” Trump is quoted as saying, “I had it. Here I am, right?” Guess he didn’t get a look at the refrigeration trucks filled with bodies in NYC after the outbreak of a pandemic which if it’s anything like that of 1918 threatens to do more damage in a second surge. There's something about the procrustean denial of an ongoing reality that only heightens the pain for victims. Tell one of the emaciated survivors who were liberated by Allied forces in l945 that there was  no genocide. Never again! A similar language is almost universally employed by deniers. It’s a conspiracy. For instance, back in the spring Eric Trump argued, Democratic governors slow reopening of their states was simply to prevent his father from holding rallies. "Eric Trump’s Wild, Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory,CNN, 5/18/20. CNN went on to quote Eric Trump as saying, "After November 3, coronavirus, will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen."

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