Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Is it Time for the First Family to Call the Movers?

The question is, when will Melania and Donald call the movers? A company named Monster Movers specializes in long hauls and with a name like that the foot may just fit the shoe. Now where will the Trumps move? The answer to all those who voted for Biden will be as far away as possible. What’s the closest thing to Siberia? The fact is that there are plenty of towns and villages that would be happy to have the Trumps. Joe Biden may have gotten the largest number of votes in electoral history, but Trump garnered the second highest which is like gold for Republican senators and congressman seeking reelection. Mitch McConnell lives in Louisville. Lindsay Graham is a resident of Central, SC. Surely the lame duck would be welcome in either of those places. Nauru and Manus are two islands where the Australian government dumps asylum seekers. What if it turns out that Trump is not really an American? He who smelt it dealt it is an expression applied to farts. Could the same can be said about Trump’s birther accusations concerning Obama? Could it be that Trump is the one who doesn’t belong here? Maybe he should be extradited by the Australian government and sent to Nauru or Manus. You’ve seen those advertisements on TV about getting out of your timeshare payments? Perhaps Trump will pick up a discounted timeshare, albeit a really nice one with a view of Biscayne Bay. However, the truth is that Monster would probably take most of Don’s stuff to Mar-A-Lago and most of Melania’s to Trump Tower where the ex-president and first lady can respectively golf and shop. Monster would probably send one of its representative to The White House with cardboard boxes. After looking over the premises, Monster would figure out how many were required to get the first family cartoned. As the Trumps pull out, you can be assured there will be no “just married” pendant hanging from the fender of their armored SUV.

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