Thursday, November 5, 2020

Law and Order

If you think this isn’t the America you knew or think you know, then there's a reason for it. Even if Biden prevails and weathers all the legal challenges to the vote, it will have been an incredibly tight election. You may hate Trump, but there wouldn't be a Trump unless there were those willing to vote for him. Those crowds who chanted "lock her up" about the Michigan governor who was the object of a kidnapping plot are not an anomaly, any more than the lumpenproletariat disenfranchised by the Versailles treaty who would eventually become Hitler’s brown shirts. In fact, the whole idea of fascism is to further exacerbate disorder by creating random violence in the streets. Law and order begins to seem appealing even when its right wing groups like the Oath Keepers who will turn out to be your protectors. It’s a version of the Stockholm Syndrome and part of the engine that drives most totalitarian regimes. Make yourself the cure for the unrest that you set out to foment. So regardless of the disposition of the election, the angry crowds who filled those Trump rallies will still be there cheering their exiled leader who will likely preside over a media network that's the equivalent of a government in exile (where QAnon is the operant ideology)--and which Facebook, You Tube, Sinclair Media and Fox News are likely to keep in business. And whatever the final outcome of the election there will likely be areas of the country in which the rule of law will no longer be enforced and no Democrats are welcome.

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