Monday, April 8, 2019

The Final Solution: Quantum Politics

Frederick Christ Trump 
If you’re one of those people who feels confined by the small turf of physical or psychic space you occupy, you might be chastened by the awareness that it’s not always going be there. “Fox and Friends” made a wonderful gaffe last week with their infamous graphic that stated, “Trump cuts aid to three Mexican countries.” But it only underscores how easily the rug can be pulled out from under you. Alt-right media outlets like Breitbart can be pretty influential and who knows what misstated piece of policy will become law. Trump also claimed last week that his father was born in Germany when the fact is that Fred Trump was born in the Bronx on October ll, 1905. In the current climate if something is mistakenly uttered in the wrong time and place, it can be a game changer. What Fox was trying to say of course was that Trump was advocating cutting aid to 3 Central American countries from which caravans were purportedly emanating. However why not an alternate universe where there were three Mexicos, no Europe, a Saudi Arabia renowned for its nude beaches, a North Vietnam famous for its Free Speech Movement (by the way imagine the half life of the North Vietnamese version of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin)? Three Mexican Countries is after all not so far flung. It wasn’t all that long ago that there were two Germanys and using the principles of quantum physics in which a particle can be in two places at the same time, why couldn’t Fred Trump have been born in Germany and the United States?

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