Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Sympathy for the Devil or Patient?

Many Rolling Stones fans were shocked to find out Mick Jagger was canceling his current tour for medical reasons. Apparently Jagger has to have a heart valve replaced, but it was like John Donne's "For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee." The venerable icon of the 60’s Baby Boomer generation is a signpost and a litmus test and one wonders about the title of the song that will derive from the experience. “Pleased to meet you,” Jagger croons in “Sympathy for the Devil.” The new version might finish off the verse, “but what puzzles me is the nature of your diagnosis.” Jagger is now 75 and it’s the perfect chorus for a rocker his age. Here's sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll minus the sex and drugs. Instead of getting his “kicks on Route 66,” Mr. Jagger may well be singing the praises of his Medicare coverage, provided, of course, he has paid for Part B. And before that,  was it Oxford Freedom? The Rolling Stones have turned out to be the most durable rock band in history and who knows how much they gross from their perennially sold- out tours. But until someone finds the secret for eternal youth even guys like Jagger and Keith Richards are going to continue showing their age. Imagine Mick on stage in 15 years. By then he'll be employing a stylish walker as he navigates an assisted living concert where he's performing “Jumpin' Jack Flash.”

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